A person challenge herself in an extended wait of herself
in an extended wait she build herself
in an extended wait in solitude.

The absences are silent realities; they hide behind the faces, the objects, the words and the places. Time injects them time at unexpected moments and it blurs with a single blow, the illusion of a true imperviousness to the outside. Again and again.
Different kind of absences, that force one to gaze at their undisputable strength. Wherever one looks, resounds the echoes of these absences, moving forward through its colonization plan.

direction and dramaturgy
tanya beyeler
gloria march
gloria march y tanya beyeler
ainara pardal
isaac torres
nick perry, fuck buttons, grails

Thanks to:
Ximo Flores and Teatro de los Manantiales, Pablo Gisbert, Marta Galán, Quim Pujol and his Teatro Museo Pujol, Guillermo Polo, Isaac Torres, Ainara Pardal, Nick Trampolino Perry, Santi y Rafa March, Sleepwalk Collective.

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